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Nationwide building Consisting of over a hundred mergers, especially on the merger with Anglia building society in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-nine and Portman building society in the year 2007, national savings providers are now home the second-largest ladder and mortgages in the United Kingdom. It also has a market share of 7.7% and the current account was ranked number one for customer satisfaction among peer group service high street during the three months that ended March 31, 2016. Nationwide building society is one of the financial institutions that trust each other and the world’s largest building society with over fifteen million members. It has its headquarters in Swindon, with Office in Threadneedle Street, London, and administrative centers based in Bournemouth, Northampton and Dundee.

In the year 2015 or 2016 national finances, only to have a range of assets £208.9 billion to £331 billion and for all sectors of the community building, making it larger than the United Kingdom 44 remaining building societies combined. It is a member of Association of Building Societies, the Council of mortgage lenders and the cooperative United Kingdom.

in the year 2016 National appears 3 in the Sunday Times ‘ Top 25 big companies to work for ‘ in the poll, up from 6 in the year 2015.

The origin of the community is located in Northampton County town of Freehold land society & tahun1848 and permanent co-operative building society South, London 1884

The new name is put to vote, with members voting members 135,675 to 15,585 support. A permanent cooperative, based in New Oxford House in the London Borough of Camden, was renamed the National building society in 1970, reflect an organization that has coverage throughout the country, after a decision by the British Cooperative Union in August of 1970.

This is the history of the national community building Former logo as Anglia building society Nationwide In the year nineteen hundred eighty-seven, Anglia building society based in Northampton joined nationwide. A new community known as Nationwide Anglia building society at first, but the name Anglia was dropped in 1992.

Barclays has broken the rules of the national ATM network LINK claimed the bank had joined at the beginning of the year. The following year, the withdrawal of most of the money machine that is owned by the United Kingdom Bank made free for customers of all banks and building societies all over the Kingdom of United Kingdom. In 1999, national, with many UK tabloid Newspapers and media, launched a campaign against the controversial cash machine. to charge all customers a rival bank and the financial providers, including national, £1 for every cash machine withdrawal made from a cash machine belonging to Barclays. The national impulse to warn Barclays that it would take legal action against the bank if it did not back down.

In 2012, the society announced that it would integrate, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Dunfermline building society to the entire territory of Indonesia. Once the nationwide completed the merger with Portman building society on August 28, 2007, creating a mutual body with assets of more than £160 billion and about 13 million members. Portman’s the earliest component was Provident Union building communities founded Ramsbury, Wiltshire in 1846.

The community has been operating under their own brand as a division of the community.

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