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Welcome to login, here we guide you to sign in to the previous here will be discussed before what Let’s refer to this following description

Nationwide Mutual insurance company and affiliated companies is a group of great American insurance company and a financial services company based in Columbus, OH. The company also runs regional offices are located in Des Moines, San Antonio, Gainesville, Raleigh, and Westerville, OH. National currently has approximately 34.000 employees, and ranked seventh on the Fortune 500 reservation is 68. Current national rank 54 on Fortune’s “100 best companies to work for you” “.

The company has a component of the group, some floating on the New York Stock Exchange before becoming a transfer by mutual national in 2009. Has a majority of common stock because it’s common NFS in 1997.

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1. the first step which you can access with Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE and other browsers, you can type in the address bar

2. next Enter Your user ID and password, if you don’t have an account, you can sign up in advance.

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earlier here will also explain the early start early as the Farm Bureau mutual

In 1920, the farmers who pay the same level of insurance as a driver of a motor vehicle they even though they have fewer accidents and claims the city drivers. Ohio Farm Bureau decided to set up their own insurance companies to offer a price that accurately reflects driving habits. April on ten thousand nine hundred twenty-six Farm Bureau mutual automobile insurance company licensed to do business in Ohio and two days later took over the financing, loan $10,000 taken from the membership fees Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. at that time, Ohio law requires 100 people to pledge to be policyholders. The first agents managed to recruit ten times that amount, and at twelve April nineteen hundred twenty six, Farm Bureau Mutual started business with more than 1,000 policy.

The first product of the new company, as its name implied, is a car insurance. The company writes policies only for Ohio farmers who are members of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Nationwide outgrew 246 building by the 1970 ‘s and work began on a new skyscraper headquarters for the company. In 1978, one Nationwide Plaza was completed in the southwest corner of n. High Street and nationwide Blvd. on the northern edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio. from the beginning of 1988, national following to add tlah its presence in Downtown Columbus, Plaza two is located on the northeast corner of High Street and Chestnut, three are in the West Plaza High Street and Chestnut, Plaza four are on Front Street, 275 Marconi was in back of a Plaza and three on Marconi Blvd, and 10 West national, which together with a Plaza formed grooves complex downtown. In addition there is also a downtown Columbus, national also has a significant presence in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan suburb of Dublin and Grove City.